Ideas for Honours Project

  • Cafe environments
    • Atmospheres
    • Asking people for coffee, the third space being created between
      home and work
    • Psychology of Coffee
    • Chill, ambience
  • The Waiting Room – experience design of a hospital room
  • Wayfinding in Hospitals
    • How to get a patient you want to see in the hospital
    • Wayfinding app, seeing landmarks on your way
    • How to get there
  • An information system regulating information between gps, specialists, pharmacies and the patient.
    • How can medication/medial info be accessible for everyone on one platform without getting into the privacy issue tensions.
  • Culture
    • assimilation
    • being ethnically diverse
    • how can we learn about other cultures
    • each culture have their own unique ways of doing things
    • different things are considered rude
    • meaning of colours in different cultures
  • Something to help patients know where they are in queue and how long they have to wait or what they’re waiting for
  • Help children have medicine easily
    • When I was a child I found it hard to swallow any form of tablet, had to crush it up and put in water, still gagged.
  • What do you consider as truth?
    • Olafur Eliasson – Religion, what is truth?

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