Olafur Eliasson: The Design of Art

Netflix show ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ has a range of episodes that are an in-depth look into computer design and modern contemporary design with some of the world’s most highly regarded designers.

Olafur Eliasson has an episode named The Design of Art that talks about how he creates sensory-rich immersive installations, including a lamp-lit sun at the Tate Modern and chunks of Arctic ice on city streets.

Very important to design things with a positive narrative

Olafur Eliasson

Notes from episode:

Art that is expectant and reliant on the spectator – it’s not about the mountain or the landscape, it’s about us.

Colour – how white light creates colour, bounces off, the physics of colour, olafur ellison discovered a lamp that takes away colour, the absence of colour makes you attentive to everything else – the weather project

You don’t have to be the same in order to share a space

Who knows about the body? Dancers

Space – angles, structure, illusions, geometry, the way an elliptical mirror looks like a slow motion circle mirror because of the angle it’s looked at

Every 8th person in the world does not have access to energy, to light, it’s about the right to have light, no one should have to be in darkness – little sun 2012

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