Week 2: How Might We


  • How does visual communication design comfort people in a hostile hospital environment?
  • How would design help facilitate people to find their way through a hospital without being scared to end up in the wrong space?
  • How might design help facilitate comfort to patients in the hospital when they’re unable to have visitors?


  • How might visual communication design encourage young people to speak out about their chronic health issues and feel at ease about what the future may hold.
  • How might design help Epileptics feel comfortable in learning to drive knowing they could have a seizure at any moment?

Medication Accessibility:

  • How might design help the pharmaceutical system so that prescriptions and medications can be more easily accessible wherever you are.
  • How might design help patients waiting in emergency rooms or doctor offices to feel as ease and have an idea of where they are in the queue? 
  • How might design encourage children to take their medication when they need it?


  • How might design encourage people to learn about different cultures

Medication System:

  • To create accessibility between medical providers and pharmacies so that we can 

System design – FIX it, journey maps

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