Week 3: Class

The aim of this week is to help you to explore a range of methods to discover insights and to define the area to focus on. 

Lecture: Pit Session

  • Marian Bantjes
  • Accessibility – issue / Healthcare – topic
  • Kelsey G – Exposure 2018


  1. An abstract (up to 500 words)
    • outlines research question
    • expand on theories
    • methods
    • why is this topic important?
    • what you found out
    • how you found out
  2. The proposal (up to 3,500 words – guide)
    • images + talk to them
    • expands on bullet points from abstract
    • methodology, how you figured out what methods to use
    • insights
    • opportunities
  3. Timeline
    • what happens over the six week break?
  4. Digital Workbook – PDF, blog or book

How to Research:

Searching in Google – use filters
“food waste” reduction OR prevention OR costs
[core concept] [focus/lens/action]

Searching in Discover
Search broad, use filters – currency

Searching in Google Scholar – warm data
Use the right language – complex
Go through Discover → Search for google scholar
‘Cited by’ – use networks

Cool data – quantitative, basic graphs
– figure.nz
– stats nz
– passport – international, saler, trade

See next blog posts for Workshop notes

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