Break: Concept of Play

Videos I have watched:

Hospital Play Specialists

  • Work in health care settings to support children, young people and their whānau to cope with hospitalization by minimizing associated stress and anxiety, building coping strategies and creating opportunities for participating in their health cares.
  • Required to be confident in their knowledge of child development and learning styles.  
  • Must be flexible and adaptable in their work as the work has an individualised approach to support children and their whānau in the hospital.  
  • Hospital Play specialists may be found in the playroom engaged in building a castle of blocks or checking a dolls blood pressure. At the bedside creating opportunities for play and learning for those who are restricted to their rooms. Provide support for the child, whānau and the nursing team in the treatment room, where we work to minimize anxiety, stress and the pain related to procedures and interventions.

Starship Foundation Hospital

Whare Hauora – relocatable, semi-permanent facility that a nurse or health professional is able to be of service to the community.

Douglas, Jo. Psychology and Nursing Children. Dave Muller (Series Editor), BPS Books (The British Psychology Society), 1993.

How children understand illness

“Children’s beliefs about illness and how the body works are part of their social, cultural, and learning background. Children require explanations that are appropriate to their level of conceptual understanding; the language and the methods of communication used need to fit the child’s age, ability, and experience (Carey, 1985). For example, using pictures and playing with medically related toys like doctors’ kits are often more appropriate with younger children than words. Nurses should try to understand attitudes within the child’s family and culture so that information can be integrated with previous knowledge, and is provided in a sensitive and accessible form.

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