Week 7: Precedent – Starship Hospital

In 2018 Starship reinvented their emergency care waiting room at their Children’s Hospital. Their project aimed to create smiles in what is often a distressing situation. Starship Animal Check-ups room is an interactive technology space created by Rush Digital with help from Watermark Creative, and aimed at calming patients and familiarising them with the tests and procedures they may face at the hospital. The tactile wall encourages children to interact mindfully, busying themselves by checking their height, temperature and heart rate, creating the perfect distraction within a hospital setting. The feature uses depth sensors, heat and heart rate sensors and facial recognition with animals mimicking the movements of those standing in front of them. A year after installation and Starship describe a much more patient-friendly experience and a huge improvement for staff. I have used this project as a precedent because it successfully creates a positive space for children to wait by using distraction to help prepare them for the doctors visit rather than leaving the child to wait anxiously. It educates them on some of the doctor’s routine and helps everyone to stay calm.

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