Week 9: Andre Rants – About Colour

  • Fire Trucks – red turning more yellow at dusk and dawn
  • Burns retinas
  • Warning
  • Makes you hungry
  • Raises blood pressure
  • Powerful

Packaging – show how it is to be used

Difference between spatial design
Bathroom and event door, how do you know what one is which?

Applied research – get users to react

  • Pituitary gland
  • Be careful blue doesn’t look too much like black when paired with yellow – warning
  • Successful takeaways use some form of orange, red or yellow.
  • White castle
  • Classy
  • Calming
  • Ease passage for time
  • Make medical device
  • Not many people have an opinion on Orange
  • Festival/party colour
  • Not offensive
  • yellow and orange attracts attention and doesn’t offend
  • unimposing


  • Power
  • Prestige
  • Money
  • Ignorance
  • Inferiority
  • Poverty
  • Unwavering stability
  • Nuns, priests, muslims, monks, funerals
  • Authority
  • Not friendly
  • Hurses
  • Limos – important people
  • Exclusivity


  • Greed
  • Jealousy
  • Nature
  • Natural

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