Week 10: Class

  • Triage – who goes in and who doesn’t? How does this work in an education setting?
  • Assignment due Friday June 19th
  • Need to narrow my target audience down and the environment I am targeting. Focus on Dentist or doctors office?

Have in proposal
What would I have done for primary research? Ethnographic Research

  • Use primary research from studies as secondary research
  • Have 3 precedents
  • Use Case studies
  • Presentation could be a video

Week 10 Google Slide:

Feedback from Peers – Alicia Bidlake & Leah Jack

  • Central Proposition tweak – have mentioned environmental graphic design and physical environment, only need one.
  • Try focus on dentist or doctors office not just a generalised waiting room
  • Could make a physical object to distract children
  • Lollipops or make a butterfly thing
  • Mouth pain – sensitive, scared
  • Greenery
  • Restaurants
    • play area to kids
    • placemats that are drawings for kids
  • Can parents join in?
  • How are they going to interact with it?
    • sign in on a tablet
    • On wall
    • clipboard
    • ciphers, escape room
  • Adelaide Road 24 After Hours – chemist next door
  • Newtown Book libraries, crowd sourcing
  • Cage cafe at Zoo
  • McDonalds room play area
    • everybody is happy
    • targets both parents and children

Things to write about in Proposal:

  • Service and Experience Design – Experience Economy
  • Perceived Wait Time
  • Actual Wait Time
  • Wait Time in General Practitioners waiting room (research starship
    wait times)
  • How design can help
  • Proof of environmental effects on wait time/patient satisfaction
  • Triage
  • How can triage transparency 

Human centered design can be used to create transparency within an urgent care clinic waiting room to enable patients to understand the triage system and why they are waiting.

Presentation (could be):

  • Wall graphic with my abstract
  • Digital signage
  • Animation
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