Week 11: Where to go from here?

  • Research more into Triage, how it works
  • Find precedents of works that provide accessible transparency of systems eg. Airports – the user is able to access information about flights being delayed etc.
  • Write Proposal
  • Create infographic/poster/motion graphic/video
  • Design presentation

Questions to look at:

  • How do we reset children? Instead of focusing on pain how can we help them have fun, be distracted from pain?
  • How do experiences cater for both parents and children?
  • How can I prepare parents to enter after hours, bring something – how can I provide something to keep everyone entertained rather than rely on the mum/dad to bring something from home
  • How can I prepare supporting people of pregnant women to know what to expect
  • Telling stories, how can children become engaged, potentially want to stay occupied for hours
  • Teaching patience

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