Week 11: Workshop 2 – Central Proposition tweak with Karl

People are just as scared of social/mind things as physical

Often in a hospital/healthcare environment you don’t want new things, you want tried and true

Small things that change the whole thing, french word dètournement

What is the design issue? Design can take good design which is cold and humanise it which makes it warm. – Toby Morris great example of humanising science

Exploring an issue through a topic, I am exploring the theory of triage through the waiting room.

Feedback from Karl on Central Proposition:

  • Work out what it’s called – not after hours
    • On call medical centre DHB
  • Case study of the power of human centred design
  • Triage still applies
  • Research theory of triage applied in different context than ED.
  • Someone has seen her (patient), vulnerability has been factored in.
  • They don’t know why they’re waiting
  • Patients might not be thinking rationally
  • Commerce is at play – usually the longer people wait the more they pay
  • Why is my service their service?
  • The distraction of assumption
  • How do you apply Triage?
  • Same person can be different actors – Lillian could be a mum with a sick child on one day, she could be a drunk another day
  • Empathy, Education of triage
  • Accident and urgent medical centre
  • A space that facilitates 2 parties – normal vs urgent

How to describe triage and understand it, how can I provide understanding to drunk Lillian that she needs to wait?

So my project is:
I am essentially looking at a case study of the power of human centred design. I’m looking at the theory of triage and how it’s applied in an urgent care waiting room and how through design, the triage system can be made transparent and accessible to patients and subconsciously influence their perception of wait time.

Revised Central Proposition:
Human centered design can be used to create transparency within an urgent care clinic waiting room to enable patients to understand the triage system and why they are waiting.

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