Week 12: Andre Rants – Abstract Presentation

  • Design question leads to central proposition
  • Proposal should show journey of this semester
  • Write a good abstract you want to get feedback for
  • 500 word count limit for abstract, no less than 250 approx
  • Don’t have to share your screen, get them to download from google drive folder
  • Have subheadings
  • Figures (fig.1.)
  • If you cite an image and put it in proposal and cite it properly you can leave it out of works cited list
  • If you put an image in, talk about in the proposal and refer to it, cite it as (fig.1.)
  • Have pull quotes – need to cite the, though, hang quotations, should be in text cited too
  • Have drawings from people
  • Questionnaire in methodologies
  • User journey in strategy
  • Moodboard for potential animations in intention
  • timeline
  • outdent bibliography
  • works cited first and can then have references list (things you looked at but didn’t necessarily use) second
  • Check out Diffusion of innovation and Designing Iterations – Andre’s go to readings
  • Could add keywords underneath abstract
  • You are able to reference songs or movies
  • Content over design – focus on your writing rather than how it is presented
  • Delayed satisfaction – if I write this section first than I can design something

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