Week 12: Chat with Lee

“I am essentially looking at a case study of the power of human centred design. I’m looking at the theory of triage and how it’s applied in an urgent care waiting room and how through design the triage system can be made transparent and accessible to the patient and subconsciously influence their perception of wait time.”

Central Proposition: Human centred design can be used to create transparency within an urgent care clinic waiting room to enable patients to understand the triage system and why they are waiting.

  • How are they dealing with it?
  • Talk to people! – what do they think they need?
  • Use the break to plan and talk to people
  • People meet to engage
  • Privacy – what can you tell? In an ED health records are private but what other types of information could be told to patients to comfort them in their waiting without invading others privacy.
  • Often nurses question themselves, does my training allow me to speak about that? allow me to do that?

I could talk to:

  • Rebekah Elliott
  • Lauren Marshall
  • Pip Fearon
  • Andrew Warnock

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