Week 12: Abstract Presentation

Feedback from Peers:

  • Humanising science
    • this project
  • Humanising the waiting room
    • imagery, creating connection between reader and health provider
  • What is design’s role?
    • Extract the design issue or design topic out of my topic
  • Design can educate
    • Exploring this through the waiting room ED
  • What is the design challenge?
  • How can design comfort?
  • How can design encourage patience?
  • Many of these issues are systemic, lots of this has to change for this to work, my project will contribute to addressing the issue NOT fixing the issue necessarily.
  • How has designed comforted people in other areas?
  • How can design inform?
  • How can design make information accessible?

Feedback from Kerry Ann Lee:

  • Inform and empower
  • All about managing expectations
  • Welcome, safe, trusted,
  • Acknowledged system

Feedback from Lee:

  • Be careful about self-triage
  • Atmosphere worth addressing
  • The third space
  • Gather responses, stories
  • Sporadic – unpleasant, expectations

Feedback from Ant:

  • Telematics
  • User Journey
  • School of Health

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