Week 13: Auto-Ethnographic Research? An unfortunate episode

Yesterday on Monday of Week 13, my mum was rushed to the Palmerston North Emergency Department at 2:30am. Despite the panic and uncertainty was a great excuse for me to see the Emergency Department first hand, take notes and some photos.

Even though my focus audience isn’t the intense environment of the emergency department in hospitals, it was interesting to see what they had in their waiting room and to hear about mum’s experience. She first entered the waiting room at 2:30am on a Monday morning and she was there for 12 ½ hours and wasn’t seen by a doctor for over 5 hours. This is because all the beds were full, after such a long time she heard a nurse mention this to the doctor and it was made clear why she had to wait so long. This would have been a great piece of information to know whilst uncertain and sitting in the waiting room. When I first walked into the waiting room I could see a big red ‘Triage’ sign which was a clear sign of where to go to sign in but if you didn’t know what Triage meant you may not have known where to stand. It was interesting to see that within the Emergency Department itself there was multiple smaller waiting rooms. To me it looked like families and visitors were sit here.

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