Week 13: Interview Preparation: Questions

I have sent these questions to 3 people in the healthcare service that I know.

  1. What is your role/past role in relation to healthcare? specifically emergency-related if you have experience in that.
  1. What have you learnt by working with people in a stressful environment when people can be at their most vulnerable?
  1. What do you think is the most important part of a waiting room experience both for you and for the patient?
  1. How does Triage play as an important role in your past area of work? 
  1. For patients to have the most positive waiting experience in an urgent care clinic, is there anything you think would add to the emergency care experience to benefit them? (resources, expenses, parking, windows to see out of, calming colours etc.) 
  1. Have you ever done any research or had any specific experiences that you would be willing to share that could help me in this project?
  1. In order to improve transparency between the healthcare provider and patients, what usually happens and what would you suggest?
  1. If patients were to receive current updates about the wait time or current state in the clinic, do you think this would influence their experience in emergency care? If so, why? (how many beds are available, what doctors are available, fully booked, number of life-threatening situations etc.)
  1. Do you think it would be helpful for patients to display the Australian Triage scale that New Zealand healthcare facilities follow?
  1. Do you think a digital system could cover some patient needs rather than relying on staff to do all the work? (entering health records etc.)
  1. In your job, how do you keep patients calm in an uncertain and distressing environment? 
  2. Do you have any ideas on how this could be implemented further?

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