Week 13: Questionnaire Preparation: Questions

To gather insight one of my research methods was a questionnaire. This was aimed at everyday people about their personal experience with waiting rooms and the uncertainty of the urgent care experience. I made this to give an insight into the realities of waiting rooms for those that may have to wait for hours before being attended to. By doing a questionnaire it allowed me to get a confirmation of the secondary research I had already been doing. Some questions are multi-choice, some require short answers whist some have a rating scale.

  1. Have you ever been to an urgent care clinic?
  2. How long did you have to wait before being seen by a doctor?
  3. What emotions did you feel?
  4. What is the most most important part of a waiting room experience for you as a patient?
  5. What makes you uncertain about sitting in a doctors waiting room?
  6. Do you know what Triage is?

    If no shows: “Upon arrival at an urgent care clinic patients are put into triage, a process that is critical to the effective management of emergency departments. Triaging aims to ensure that those patients assessed as having the most urgent need, are treated more quickly than those patients with a less urgent need. Essentially if someone has had a more life-threatening accident, they take your place in the queue and you have to wait longer.” and then asks “Have you experienced this before?”
  7. How do you find this system?
  8. Why did you find it this way?
  9. In the past, what has been your experience with triage?
  10. Do you think it would be helpful to display the Australian Triage scale that New Zealand healthcare facilities follow so you know what stages certain illnesses are equivalent to and how long you might have to wait for?
  11. As a patient, if you were to receive current updates about the wait time or current state of the clinic, do you think this would influence your experience in emergency care? If so, why? (how many beds are available, what doctors are available, fully booked, number of life-threatening situations etc.)

    Sitting in a waiting room uncertain about when you can leave can be a stressful experience. When will I be able to eat next? How long do I need to continue paying for parking? Hope the children are okay at home, what will my parents think? How am I going to pay for this? Waiting is often a time where you can overthink and be filled with worry. This design project aims to alleviate some of this worry through creating a more positive experience for patients.
  12. What could a nurse or doctor do to help you feel more calm in this stressful environment?
  13. If you were to know more about the behind the scenes and why you’re waiting, what would you want to know?
  14. What colour do you find to be the most calming?
  15. Instead of filling out a piece of paper upon arrival do you think a digital system would be more effective?
  16. Do you have any ideas on how to improve patient satisfaction whilst in an urgent care waiting room?

I also sent out my questionnaire to few companies to give responses that may be from a health perspective. HealthCare NZ came back very promptly.

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