Week 13: Insights from Interview with Craig Fleury

My answers from Craig gave me great insight into what I could look into but also challenged my ideas that I already had about how this project could move forward. He referenced ideas about privacy, confidentiality and personality types. In terms of spaces for different people in a waiting room he responded “It would be good to be able to provide them with private space to wait in but this causes issues with being able to monitor their condition and not making it look like they are somehow being segregated”. This was an interesting comment as I hadn’t thought about the practicality of monitoring patients. Sometimes as a patient you don’t feel like you are being monitored more you are just a number and waiting to be attended to. In 454 this could be something I look more into – how can design make a patient feel as though they are being cared for? 

Craig also mentioned that often clinicians and doctors can look like they’re doing nothing which evokes frustration in patients. It is important for patients to be able to see that the team is working hard even if they can’t see it. “How do you show the three people in the waiting room who have been there for 30 mins and seen nobody come in that the team is working really hard. “ I think the best thing that can happen to help people in the waiting room is either seeing people going to see a clinician on a regular basis or seeing the clinicians moving purposefully about.  If there is an air around the place that things are being done and either things are moving or there is obviously some things that are getting significant attention then people seem to be generally understanding.  If there is no movement in the waiting room, no sight of clinicians and no sense that they are a place where the right things are being done in the right order then people get a bit upset” (Fleury).   

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