Week 2 Class: Design Now – Interactivity Now

Interactivity Now – Tim Turnidge

  • Interaction is something affecting something else
  • Object to object
  • Person to object
  • Person to person
  • Visual/Audio/Haptic(touch)/Taste/Smell
  • Physical/Digital
    Interaction is not the goal, it’s a means to an end.
  • Aarron Walter’s Hierachy of User Needs.

Useful – first and foremost
Usable – accessibility
Used – availability

Segway – not cool, didn’t have infrastructure for where it should go, it wasn’t used, even though it was useful and useable

  • Mobile & desktop need to be treated equally
  • Content is king
  • Brutalist web design
  • DJK Boujee
  • Fit variable font
  • Roach motel – easy to get in but very hard to get out
  • Move mirror – google chrome experiments
  • Gagadoll
  • New = good
    be seduced and then disappear

P+ Group Feedback – Tim Turnidge

  • Showing the good and the bad – transparency
  • How do I work around the Karens? the people who think they’re most important in the waiting room
  • Creating trust between patient and healthcare provider – the doctors and nurses know best so how can design encourage patience and reassurance that they are able to trust authorities
  • I have to work between a lot of tensions but there is still a lot of creative freedom.
  • Tim’s free hours outside of Open Hours – Tuesday and Thursday morning
  • experiements.withgoogle.com

Chat with Ant

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