Week 3: Chat with Jason

Feedback with Jason: Introducing him to my project

  • Keep it speculative, would be cool if, you don’t need to actually make it.
  • Could be a video of a person interacting with your video – your “actor” could know what to press (buttons etc.)
  • We will be marked according to our central proposition statement (but we are allowed to pivot)
  • Patients could be my main audience but what if I look at how the design system I make could benefit the staff.
  • Instead of inform maybe it’s more about feeling empowered.
  • Keep the waiting room busy to look like people aren’t just waiting around for lazy staff.

They are trained to walk, in other jobs too firefighters are trained to walk. It allows reason, and means they’re thinking about what we’re doing and don’t make mistakes. They are able to check and double check what they’re doing is right.

The most qualified person in a room is often someone who delegates, they’re not even allowed to touch the patient. It is important to have someone to be the overseer.

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