Week 3 Class: Embrace Mess, Exposure, Tikanga toi

Embrace Mess: Experiments – Jason O’Hara

Ted talk “How frustration can make us more creative” https://www.ted.com/talks/tim_harford_how_frustration_can_make_us_more_creative?language=en

Make, Remake, Evolve

The Oblique Strategies

He creates disruption through this remarkable deck of cards called The Oblique Strategies. And when they’re stuck in the studio, they reach for one of the cards. He’ll draw one at random, and he’ll make the band follow the instructions on the card. eg. Change instrument roles; look closely at the most embarrassing details, amplify them; make a sudden, destructive, unpredictable action. Incorporate.

So Phil Collins was playing drums on an early Brian Eno album. He got so frustrated he started throwing beer cans across the studio. 13:25

Carlos Alomar, great rock guitarist, working with Eno on David Bowie’s “Lodger” album, and at one point he turns to Brian and says, “Brian, this experiment is stupid.” But the thing is it was a pretty good album, but also, Carlos Alomar, 35 years later, now uses The Oblique Strategies. And he tells his students to use The Oblique Strategies because he’s realised something. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t helping you. 

The strategies actually weren’t a deck of cards originally, they were just a list — list on the recording studio wall. A checklist of things you might try if you got stuck.

The list didn’t work. Know why? Not messy enough. Your eye would go down the list and it would settle on whatever was the least disruptive, the least troublesome, which of course misses the point entirely. 

And what Brian Eno came to realise was, yes, we need to run the stupid experiments, we need to deal with the awkward strangers, we need to try to read the ugly fonts. These things help us. They help us solve problems, they help us be more creative. 

Exposure – Matthijs & Rachel

3 surveys: Red survey – expression of interest August
Green survey – tech & space/furniture September
Blue survey – final information, content for web etc. October

Tikanga toi – Tama Kirikiri

  • Collaboratively, you can’t just translate two words because it won’t make sense
  • Choice of story, woven and metaphors
  • Connect – not just a typeface
  • Intend to talk at the start of the project rather than just adding it on at the end.
  • Intend to represent them in this space
  • Macrons change the meaning of the word use the right fonts
  • Georgia Bailey Murdoch – Marama typeface project

Advising – Advisory meeting with Ant

  • Empathy maps
  • Volunteer prototypes – take an hour, give them a reason to wait, triage them, get different personas and a triage nurse, get them to play different roles – sore finger, toddler, high temperature
  • Talk to after hours, get insights
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Stress test
  • Make sure the project is HUMAN-CENTRED
  • Make a journey map for each person – 358 thinking, feeling, doing
  • create the environment
  • Make cards

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