Week 4: App logistics

Logistics of an app:

  • When in the urgent care location/wifi space connects to the app
  • An app in addition with a wall that measures your details

The Waiting Room SmartHealth App works with the SmartHealth interactive wall to make it easy to take and track health measurements for the entire family. With the display and app, you can:

  • Create individualised profiles to track measurements for each family member
  • Automatically record the dates, times and location of waiting room when measurements were taken
  • Enters you into the triage system and allocates you a colour
  • During your wait even if you are not using the app notifications will be on because you are still in the zone
  • For during your wait the app provides in app distraction including a calming exercise, soft music, colour game.
  • It then updates you where you are in the wait queue and what your waiting room experience may look like.
  • The app would have a different system in which staff may be logged in – this allows staff to update patients during their wait and change their position (urgent, delayed etc.)
  • When signing in you may sign in as a patient, doctor, nurse or admin, each with different functions
  • Function for patients to notify staff that they need to use the toilet etc. Patients could be by themselves and need help to do normal routine things whilst waiting.

Potential names of app:

  • SmartHealth
  • Medlab
  • MedSafe
  • SmartWait
  • SmartED
  • Passerby
  • Tock

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