Week 4 Class: Second Showing, Andrew Tobin, Celeste Skachill

Kerry Ann lecture

Andrew Tobin
– How people feel about data
– NEET Algorithm

Celeste Skachill

Honours project – Express Workshop

  • Who’s the user?
  • What do they want?
  • How can you visually convey the project to your lecturers?
  • Back yourself!
  • This is what my users need
  • Strategy booklet
  • What questions might people have
  • Trust yourself – take creative risks
  • User over tutors
  • Helping patients feel better
  • Miro/Zoom/In person
  • 1-5 people
  • 1-1.5 hours
  • Set of questions 5-10
  • Exchange of value – koha, thankyou
  • Death to surveys
  • Convert questions into fun activities
  • don’t stay in your head MOCK UP & ITERATE
  • Ask! I know my user is patients but do I need to actually use patients?

Second Showing – Feedback

With Molly Warden

  • Bubbles – through the experience they’re eased
  • language tone of voice
  • fear factory

With Frankie Hayman

  • Dominos, pizza tracker, number
  • Maccas waiting number system
  • Tactile cards is a good idea
  • Screen
  • We’re Not Really Strangers
  • What’s their system?

With India Christie-Limbrick

  • QR Code
  • Make triage scale accessible
  • Arrive, number/code, QR to website nurse gives unique code loading screen – notes of reassurance
  • Emergency button
  • Tussock – there to consume not because you’re in pain
  • Web browser
  • ManageMyHealth – incorporate into an app
  • RFID

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