Week 5: Zoom Meeting with Tama Kirikiri

What to talk to him about:

  • Māori Health Professionals
  • People that I could talk to
  • Have any ideas on how I could incorporate Māori perspective into my project

Tama Kirikiri’s Feedback:

  • Project can include spatial elements
  • “unforeseen” barriers – the space, what is physically seen but often not considered, do some research on the physicality of waiting room spaces
  • What journey do I want the patient to take? – might be a good idea to complete an initial journey map and a proposed journey map
  • I could render a space
  • For Māori it’s not necessarily about the aesthetic. Like you could have Māori art in the waiting room but generally they would care more about the communication and how they were being treated than what the room looked like.
  • Signage should include multiple language, not just English and Māori but think of the other languages that might be prominent in New Zealand. Te ao Māori, Pasifika, Asian
  • Reach out to the DHB – confirm research that it is correct with other cultures
  • Māori Health Unit
  • In Wellington, Ngāti Toa – iwi based in Porirua
  • Ora Toa – Rugby St by Basin email: poneke.medicalcentre@oratoa.co.nz
  • They may just want a warm place
  • MidCentral Māori Health service – Māori Health framework
  • My design response would show that it considers Māori but doesn’t necessarily have a whole app all in Māori
  • Tama means son or boy
  • Get some pamphlets
  • Call them
  • Get them to ask me questions

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