Week 5 Class: Design Now – Typography Now

Why did I show you that? – Lee Jensen

Judith Butler
Not about authenticity

Design Now: Typography Now – Fay McAlpine

Martin Venezky
– Cranbrooke
– Design Issues Magazine
– Post modernism – hand expression

Shiva Nallperumal
– how arabic language can influence modern typography
– Calcula Display

Jonathon Hoefler
– Inkwell, the next comic sans?

Annik Troxier
– Type as image
– Jazz Festival
– Father famous Swiss Designer

Jonathan Key
– immersive day workshops
– Henri Matisse inspired

Hansje Van Helem
– self directed in Amsterdam

Ilya Ruderman Moscow
* Variable fonts will change everything a single font that behaves like multiple font*

MIT Technology Review
information of data is so much more powerful

Know your
– foundry’s
– type designers

You can rent typefaces
– Fontstand
– Student $30 credit

Kris Sowersby

Find your own unique voice as a designer in Aotearoa, located in the South Pacific

Klim type foundry
– Milk spelt backwards

– eyeworks
– based on written writing on Māori meeting places based off Didone used in early missionary bibles

Neil Pardington 2017

Black Grace – Dance

Amata – tattoo

Tom Elliott

McCahon – Luke Wood 2000

Frizzel – Joe Mitchell 2013

Graeme Offord – Home 2009

Churchward Māori typeface

Arch McDonald
– Inhouse design
– Wine, we have particular wine because of our soils and great rocks

– Moana
– Tiaki
– Pepeha – glyphic, stencil
– Blue

Flora/Fauna for inspiration
– New Zealand Lime
– Create your own visual identity

Tf Grotesk & Italic – font about tree ferns and identity
Invest and hope in New Zealand

Phoebe Morris 2014
With 26 characters, I should conquor the world.

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