Week 5: Whitiwhiti Kōrero (Presentation & Feedback)


My Presentation Feedback:

  • A guide could work well for healthcare professionals
  • Do it! Spatial element 5 on one side, 1 on the other
  • What do you want to get out of your last university project? What do you want on your portfolio?
  • Not an app, but could do website
  • How would an old person use a QR code? would they use it?
  • Could scan a kiosk, a timer starts, if someone comes in, time could go up if they’re a triage number higher than you
  • So many people have been to after hours, ASK AROUND!
  • Do you actually want to know if you’re waiting for so long?
  • Prepared, supported, educated, safe
    • Prepared
      – Journey
      – Checklist
    • Supported
      – breathing
      – relaxing with sound
      – meditation
      – feelings check in
    • Educated
      – map
    • Safe
      – Do you need some help?
  • Don’t half ass an app, do what you want to do but really well
  • Celebrate what you’re doing
  • Focused and deep is better than wide and broad
  • Knowing how urgent you are would make a difference, if I was vomitting or in a compromised situation I wouldn’t be going on the app store and downloading an app
  • Create a poster that educates on how the triage system works and what might be in each section but not actually allocated a number or space to the individual, they can assume where they are
  • Check in system – QR code so you don’t have to download anything

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