Week 6: Potential Names, Exposure Expression of Interest

Why Wait? has been my code name for this project for the last few months but it’s now time to start thinking about names as Exposure questions are now needing to be answered.

Project Name brainstorm:

  • Why Wait?
  • A Waiting Room Experience
  • Save the Wait
  • StandBy
  • Halt
  • Pause
  • Review the Expectation
  • StayUpdated
  • Queued
  • Reassure
  • Connect
  • Seated
  • Hello, I’m Waiting.
  • Wait Well.
  • Queuer
  • Assure
  • Unwind
  • Limitless
  • await
  • Timesio
  • Transpire
  • Notified
  • awaite
  • relieve
  • allay
  • Priority.
  • notify.

Exposure Expression of Interest 70 word project description:

‘Why Wait’ explores how human-centred design can be used to create transparency and reassurance within an urgent care clinic waiting room to enable patients to feel more at ease. Through environmental graphics and digital solutions ‘Why Wait’ facilitates a better platform for enhanced communication between staff and patients. These solutions aim to create a more positive patient waiting experience during a stressful and often vulnerable time.

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