Week 6: Mid Semester Breakdown AH

I need some clarity, I keep getting confused on what I want out of this project and what this project is actually trying to do. After talking with Hannah Mainwaring and Alicia Bidlake I’ve come to realise I’m trying to achieve a range of things.

Who is my audience?
– Patients triaged under categories 4 & 5 – less urgent patients that could be waiting a few hours

  1. Problem: People don’t want to wait, feeling like they’re waiting for too long
    Solution: Make wait time feel shorter through distraction
    Could make: A Game
  2. Problem: Patients don’t know why they’re waiting, how long they’re waiting for
    Solution: Facilitate communication between nurse and patient
    Could make: A website/update system
  3. Problem: Nurses are too busy to communicate effectively with patients because of their long list of jobs and extra admin work
    Solution: Facilitate platform for nurses and patients to exchange information
    Could make: Check in system with questions that nurses have to ask before helping the patient eg. Are you a smoker?

I aim to improve the communication between staff and patients by designing a comprehensive communication tool that provides an exchange of information. This platform allows patients to check in and answer common questions that the nurse usually has to ask prior to assisting them, eg. Are you a smoker?. This in turn allows faster turnover in patients and more time for staff to interact and connect with patients. This communication tool also facilitates reassurance for patients, integrating transparency of reliable information and updates.

What I’ve learnt:

  • Emergency Care is different to Urgent Care

What is something that stays the same?

  • Having to wait
  • Becoming impatient

Once you have checked in you will be given a personal code, then punch this number into your mobile device or RFID your phone off the ipad to log you into your update communication website.

To make:

  • For Patients to check in: Check In system on iPads – on stand but also portable
  • For Patients: Update system website – Mobile
  • For Nurses: Changing wait times and messaging patients system – Desktop
  • Triage Information Graphic Poster for wall

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