Week 6: Reviewing ManageMyHealth App

ManageMyHealth, a great app used by many GP healthcares in New Zealand.

It provides:

  • Online services
  • Freedom to manage your health needs and that of your family anytime, anywhere.
  • Access and maintain your medical records
  • Book appointments
  • Request repeat prescriptions
  • View latest lab results
  • Enables a general practice to share patient medical information with after hours, emergency and other primary care clinicians.

Mobile website:

Going through the Ratings and Reviews it is evident by peoples comments that this app could be a lot more human centred and have a better visual. These are some of the comments that suggested a change.

In Summary, the app would be better if:

  • Graphics were more modern, not clunky
  • Seamless logon – doesn’t log out everytime
  • Could link up with Apple Health
  • Password strength policy was stronger – 2 factor authentication
  • Support for modern screen sizes (newer phones)
  • Touch ID/Face ID recognition
  • Landscape orientation
  • Responsive in portrait and landscape – works on iphone, ipad and laptop
  • Test Result graphs
  • Subsection for long-term diagnosis

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