Week 6 Class: SuperCrit Feedback

I put out some paper and a pen out so peers could write feedback next to my work:

Feedback from Karl – Bonnie Taylor Note taking

  • Keep Triage #1 section – Assume anyone may not be aware of the levels of urgency – Think of new mum with new born baby, she may have no idea and turn up to urgent care when her baby is at immediate level.
  • In regards to iPad – I don’t want to touch a touchscreen in urgent care, COVID happened, could you do the whole check in system on your phone?
  • Piece of paper to check in, you can just chuck it out. When we’re saving human lives we don’t care about the environment. We don’t care about the environmental impact in these spaces.
  • Could the check in be on a plastic card which can easily be washed, could it go through the dishwasher. Take the card over to the screen, scan it, see where you are in line. Other doctors and nurses can see the urgency of their situation at a glance. Drunk person should be able to see oh I’m not next sorry crying baby.
  • Needs to be non-verbal, non-cultural specific
  • Other patients can see where other people are – don’t get mad when red cards go before them.
  • RFID card checks you in, target the drunk who is not going to look on their phone, they probably lost it in town lets be real.
  • High risk elderly – she is going to die
  • Help the triage nurses, they deserve better. 11pm on Wednesday night, you’ve got a screaming baby and drunk teenagers but this poor elderly woman can’t touch a screen because she’s scared to die (COVID).
  • Next step: ROLE PLAY
    CREATE THE SPACE – Level E out of Cardboard, at home with family + Aunty Lynell (nurse)
  • Design responds to bodies
  • Time & Space are your medium
  • You ARE a spatial designer
  • Non-verbal + cross-cultural – what are the universal things?
    If it’s more universal – it’s more effective
  • Space will define touchpoints, if you create the space the touchpoints will become obvious, exercise of making will inform you
  • Presentation 15 mins – you say WHY you did what you did, ROLE PLAY great for presentation
  • Can serve both patients and nurses better.

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