Week 6: Waikato Hospital Triage Booklet that Nurses fill out

“So the first page is what the triage nurse fills out on initial presentation 🙂 then the second page with check boxes is what we call a secondary assessment – as you can see a lot of the questions are yes/no super basic questions before we get into the physical assessment and the ‘story’ about why they’re there 🙂 these are some of the questions I was thinking may be helpful to pop into an app, would save us at least 5-10 mins and give the patient something to do while they’re sitting there waiting for their secondary assessment. – smoking / drug & alcohol status. Home details to fog discharge risk. Next of kin details. Then even maybe a drop box for the patient to write up a wee history of their presenting complaint or something. Like you have to do for insurance or: what happened/ how long the symptoms have persisted/ medical history etc etc” – Natasha Tudreu (Waikato ED Nurse)

I am planning on using some of these questions in my iPad check in system to minimise the nurses time asking questions that the patient could have answered prior to seeing the nurse.

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