Mid Sem Break-to-Study: Waiting room observations

  • Pit in stomach drops as entering carpark
  • When entering foyer there are specific areas in the wayfinding but not Reception A or Reception B (two main waiting areas)
  • Seats are 2 metres apart
  • People either on their phone or they’re looking at the tv that is playing ads and later the Ellen Show, has subtitles on
  • 3 posters in frames – Your Rights, Tell us, Ōu Tika
  • A triage poster will be lost among other posters – everyone is watching tv though because it catches attention
  • Mum with baby come in, mum gets out paperwork to show reception
  • Queue of people at reception start
  • Lady comes to wrong reception area, meant to go to reception B not reception A, happens twice 
  • Tinted windows into office area on left
  • Waiting room is carpeted but hallways are not
  • Doctors say “Hello, I am ____”
  • Sign on wall that says “this is a safe place – abuse of any nature will NOT be tolerated, security will be contacted if safety is compromised
  • Bad eyesight you can’t see small signs
  • Poster photo of “The Hospital Board and staff in 1907”
  • Briscoes ad, Ellen, 
  • Tv is reasonably quiet but loud enough to hear the rough idea, can still hear people walking in the hallway higher
  • Water filter
  • No magazines
  • Children’s play area with 2 iPads
  • People laugh at tv, smiles, 
  • Walking out of this safe place to the doctor – safe signage should be everywhere in the building not just the waiting room
  • No one looks at the posters
  • Child goes into play area and is scared, he is separated from his mother and it is gated, he wants his mum to come in with him – children’s play area needs to be for both mum and child
  • iPads end up unused because mum gives child her phone to distract him
  • A bit of encouragement from mum to press the button, Mum looks over gate and he plays on iPad, normal iPad with games on it, 
  • 2 iPads at different heights for a range of kids, this child wants to sit down though but he would be too short so he is sitting on his knees
  • Child gets called and finds it hard to get out of locked gate
  • Blue carpet
  • Blue chairs leather with black metal
  • Beige/cream coloured walls
  • Led lighting 
  • Air conditioning from ceiling, no heat pump situation
  • 2 photographs on wall
  • High school aged boy looking over mums should at her phone – too far away from tv
  • Old man asks what the time is to partner and she checks phone – clock is behind him
  • People that come by them self tend to watch tv or phone but some that are in pairs talk to each other
  • Those in pairs push chairs closer to each other so that they can hear each other when they talk – usually those that come together are in same bubble though
  • Patients that just arrived get called in before some that have been here for a while – confusion starts settling in for those waiting – taps feet
  • Little girls is intrigued by children’s area but not intrigued enough to leave her mum, she goes and sits on her mums lap
  • iPads haven’t switched off even though boy left them a while ago
  • Pamphlets on walls but a few on tables
  • One bigger chair for those who wouldn’t fit normal chairs
  • No charging plugs apart from one in hallway that states “for cleaners use only”
  • By being told my waiting time is almost up it made me annoyed to be waiting for longer, definitely need specific time rather than “soon” and it should be more minutes than expected for if you got told you were waiting for 20 minutes and you could see the doctor at 15 mins that would be good
  • Wheelchair spot on floor in corner
  • “Tell us what you think about our services” feedback inbox
  • Magnetic system to tell patients what doctors are on today – hard to read for patients but practical for doctors and reception

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