Week 7: Haptic Design

1.1. Haptic Experience Design (HaXD)

We define HaXD as

The design (planning, development, and evaluation) of user experiences deliberately connecting interactive technology to one or more perceived senses of touch, possibly as part of a multisensory experience.

Our focus is on gaining a better understanding of the workflow and processes currently used by hapticians, including those related to integrating haptics into a multisensory experience. We define a haptician as one who is skilled at making haptic sensations, technology, or experiences. We use this term to capture the diversity of people who currently make haptics, and the diversity of their goals. Many people with a need to design haptics may not have formal design training, and may focus on subsets of the entire experience, e.g., technical demonstrations or creating stimuli for psychological tests.

We describe two studies examining how contemporary hapticians design haptic experiences for use in real-world products. We begin by identifying current obstacles to good HaXD and the target audience for our work, then we provide a roadmap to the rest of the paper. Fig. 1 provides a visual overview of our work.

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