Week 7: Springload x Klim Type Foundry

  • Researched licensing and buying
  • Testing
  • Brief of expectations
  • Looking at specimens
  • Redesign of specimens
    • wanted fonts in raw state
    • tests hi-fidelity
  • He asked “What does the font look like big”
    • made big specimens
    • 8 letters
    • automated specimens
  • “What does it look like small?”
    • display vs body type
    • what should the rag look like, justified?
  • “What does ‘A’ look like?”
    • glyph inspector
  • Change one element vs entire page
  • Name is essential
  • Söhne release
  • Geograph colour
  • Heldane
  • Beizer curve feature, the curves of the typeface, shows level of craft
  • Variable fonts, design masters and then alter them
  • The words 8 letter, 10 letter words, how are the words chosen?
    • Content is uploaded into CNS, a range of characters selected, randomness, you can upload books and texts for words, 1984 book – default specimen, national geographic
    • Geograph – place names
    • Domaine – Italian wine book
    • Use the dictionary, it’s not an elaborate scheme, words are not really picked, random algorithm
    • Naughty word list, deliberate was broken
  • Mobile vs desktop, responsive work
  • Peter – lead developer
  • CSS grids – 1 viewpoint
  • A lot of time on desktop – purchasing
  • blog posts – often on mobile

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