Week 7 Class: Advisory Workshop – Framing the project

WORKSHOP: What am I doing? Position or frame my project (Jason + Karl, Tim)

  • Name your project – make sure it’s current tense, like it already exists
  • Keep it achievable
  • Minimum viable project
    • What do I have to do
    • What is just a nice to do
  • STOP putting off starting to design to do more research – BAD
  • Better to have small idea that is perfectly formed rather than the best idea ever and it’s not well done

I intend to facilitate a better communication system for patients and staff in an urgent care waiting room through the use of trans-media.

Skill – Experience Design


Shannon and Weaver’s 1949 Model of Communication

Can be multiple mediums or they can be fat or small

  • Make sure the call to action is beneficial
  • Have a narrative

Human-Centred Persuasive Framework

In this task aim to sort out audience, subject, media and context

This is the human-centred persuasive framework for Jason’s Masters project.

Make sure you are working in a human-centred framework, people lead different lives so they consume different media and have different needs.

  • Change perception of self so that they can help just a little bit

Message + Media = The narrative
Motivations + Benefits are like the foundations for a bridge across the “chasm of barriers”

  • What happens if you change the context?
  • When marking, the lecturers are going to mark it as if they were the patient
  • Could I do an installation? Is it going to be challenged? What context do I need to put it in?
  • Have a mantra
  • Stop chasing your tail
  • Make people understand the triage system, make people aware of it
  • Why should the patient wait? what’s in it for them?
  • Why should patients care about my project?
  • It’s for the patient, not to be sold
  • It’s helping patients, everything else doesn’t matter
  • HAS TO BE EASIER than asking a nurse where in line they are
  • Think of the benefits of your project from the audience’s perspective: What’;s in it for me? … or … Why should I care?

My attempt at the Human-Centred Persuasive Framework in relation to my project

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