Week 8: Presentation video ideas

See your real-time waiting time and check your most recent updates.

And view all your information at a glance

Available on Android NFC smartphones via Google Play, the Notify Mobile app is the perfect companion to your Notify card.

Once you receive your Notify card from the healthcare staff, simply hold the card to the NFC sweet spot on the back of the phone and instantly check your approximate waiting time and recent urgent care history, check the situation of the current provider, or learn about how the urgent care system works.


The app has problems detecting my card

The Notify Mobile app uses NFC to read the noftify card. If the app won’t read your Notify card, start by confirming that your device has NFC, and that this is turned on. You could try turning your NFC off and on again, before reading your card.

To read your Notify card with the app, it’s important to hold the Notify to the NFC sweet spot on the back of your phone (this could take a few seconds).

Other things that could cause issues reading the card include having a thick case on your phone (which might make it harder for the NFC to work), or having other cards near the phone while reading your Notify card.

It’s also possible that if your device was purchased overseas or is a parallel import (e.g. the parallel import phones sold by retailers Noel Leeming or JB HiFi), the NFC may not be configured for the New Zealand market, meaning it’s incompatible with the Notify Mobile app.


  • Going to need to show how kiosk, screen, card and phone are related to each other
  • Responds to why patients like my system better

I found this video on Service Design in a emergency care waiting room – couldn’t believe I hadn’t found it earlier! Was poorly done, but showed how the patient was feeling and had comments at the end that responded to the change in service.

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