Week 8 Class: Report Writing

PWC – Internships and Graduate positions talk to Ant

VCD Design Research Studio Report – 1500 Words

  • a useful document that tells the story of your project when you are not present
  • core deliverable for 22.454 and 222.455
  • provides text-based content for Exposure and other presentations, Best Awards etc.
  • Persuasively details your research through design


  • Your central proposition (your issue/problem/challenge)
  • Your design response (What did you do? How and why?) eg. educate/facilitate/translate…(verbs) through type, animation, publication …(medium and methods)
  • Results and impact of your work (user feedback; intermediate/gradual, local/global, short/long term benefits; how do you measure and evidence?)

Content & Format:

  • It can be written in first person
  • It could be an essay, manifesto, or adopt other creative writing structures.
  • For a team project, it should detail each members contribution to the project’s overall design, conceptualisation, refinement and resolution.
  • Include a cover, key images that each illustrate particular points in your discussion, and selected key bibliographic references (2-5) informing your design research.
  • Should be designed and produced in a style and format sympathetic to your project

VCD Research/Studio report writing guidelines

  • Describe conversations you have had
  • Opportunity to talk about what you haven’t done
  • Future trajectories – what can it do? what phases could do?
  • Be joyful, show passion – why did you chose to embark on this project again?

Land the plane

Let’s not crash the plane, get the wheels out with enough time to spare.

Write a list, prioritise it and cross things out!

What are the core deliverables?
What are the nice to haves?

Break things down into weeks/days/hours – go into uni and work on “style and tone”, “test printing”, “colour palette”

Work out what time works best for you
Match your mindset with your māhi
Make sure what you wrote in your proposal that you would do you have done!
Pivots should be clear in blog

Set your alarm
Eat good food
Go outside
Do your laundry
Don’t let yourself go
Don’t make lifestyle changes
Be kind, be kind, be kind
Print things out, take a break

Displacement activity is easy – RECOGNISE IT, STOP IT. No you do not need to sort out your cleaning cupboard now or clean the kitchen.

Start writing, warm up, write a blurb about your project
Tell your story to randoms

LISTEN. CRAFT. DETAIL. – Plan time for detailing at the end


Important dates:

Presentation: 10 minutes
Wednesday 21st October – Submission and Embargo of work
Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd October – Presentation + Assessment panels
Monday 26th October – Moderation

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