Week 9: The Notify Card



Rather than being given a number I want to create some form of avatar icons. Each card given out in the waiting room would have a unqiue icon/avatar associated to their position in queue. This would create a more personal experience rather than just feeling like you’re a number in a queue.

Google Docs does this by showing icons of the people who are currently working on the same document.

Avatars/icons could be:

Animals – Non offensive, relatable, child-friendly

Tools – could be too stereotypical, introducing something else patients can complain about

This card does not have any form of payment associated with it like many other smartcards. This card is primarily for queue management and is only used during the waiting room experience not experiences had after the waiting. If/when you are prioritised by a triage nurse and are considered a high level of urgency, Notify would not be a system that you would need.

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