Week 10: Presentation Workshop with Ant

Intro, Body, Conclusion
3. 1. 2.

Problem: Design issue through this topic

eg. accessibility using typography
history using sequential narrative

Central proposition reflects this ↑↑

Presentation should SHOW us your project not just tell – use images and quotes (testing, stressed person in waiting room)


  • Central proposition/ How might we/ What If
    Design issue and topic
  • Catch attention then how did you do it?
    • What if love was a virus? (write your own)
  • Use keywords: transparency, facilitate
  • Conclusion – How did you validate?
  • Get rid of assumptions
  • Test it – when sick people are actually in pain
  • How have you facilitated it?

Through a systems interface that facilitates transparency in communication between healthcare professionals and patients

  • How does this unfold as a project
    • methods: personas, journey maps, empathy maps, role play, talked to emergency nurses, second showing, supercrit
    • show what you did
  • show that you’re paying attention to your audience
    • Mum @ ED, works, the fact that the sign had no ‘nurse in charge’ was concerning
    • took card to make shift kiosk I didn’t know it would connect to QR code so will need to be NFC too
  • what did these mean for your project and WHY?
  • have a narrative if clearer

BODY structure

  1. Insight/validation
  2. What you learnt
  3. How do these responses inform your design strategy
  4. Address initial stated aims

Presentation Structure

  1. Aims
  2. What you did about it?
  3. Why that approach?
  4. Why that method/process?
  5. So what did you find out? insights/validation
  6. Central proposition, how did your project address this?

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