Week 10 Class: Practice Presentations

  • Don’t show the dead ends in the project
  • No precedents
  • Research – 2 minutes
  • Will be standing, 3 people panel sitting down
  • Include target audience
  • Talk over videos, explain what is happening in the video or talk to it
  • I need to ask Adelaide Rd urgent care if I could film in their space
  • Report
    • not an essay
    • talks for your project when you’re not there
    • 1500 words

Feedback with Panel:

  • Resonance w/ audience/panel – say “you feel crap whilst in a waiting room!”, be transparent in how you present and what you say
  • Could you see current states of people above you in the waiting list? – not their details but their levels of triage
  • Testing, make sure to include how you tested (have slides on it rather than just talk)
  • How can you prove that your idea will work?
  • Have a journey map for dummies w/ card – iPad etc. – how is the waiting room understood?
  • Give back card
  • Not numbers maybe avatars or something similar.
  • Be casual, you know your stuff
  • Justify your decisions
  • Web-based tool


  • Project
  • Why I’m focussing on reassurance
  • Target Audience
  • Defined Space
  • Touchpoints
  • Colours
  • Not using posters
  • QR code vs NFC

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