Week 11: Notify. Card iterations

Designing QR codes:

Decided to move the QR code to the right so that it is easier to scan when holding the card with your left hand as most would use right hand to scan with phone.

Card Precedents:

What the card needs to do:

  • Make it obvious that patients do not take the card home
  • What their individual number is
  • How they connect with next touchpoint – QR code and NFC

Asking others about what the card should have:

  • This card is for you while you are here so we know where you are and who you are, don’t take me home!
  • Information about what the card does
  • Where do I drop off the card?

Further Development:

  • Make type bigger
  • Maybe say number rather than No.
  • Emphasise 132 because the patient might have bad eyesight but in general it should be obvious
  • Need to emphasise “Look for your number” and “Don’t take me home”
  • Try putting number red box on right side
  • Try right aligned ID number

Colour Inspo:

I want my brand to look like it belongs in urgent care and in a healthcare environment.

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