Week 11: Mobile Iterations

Made up a mockup of the current back of the notify card with QR code to make it look like it’s being using in the app to connect.

Had been working quite mindlessly and hadn’t remembered I need to connect this touchpoint to the Notify card. So I started exploring QR code scanners and then made my own scanner.

Further Development:

To change:

  • Get rid of green dot on profile
  • Add a refresh button
  • Add settings – language etc.
  • Make onboarding slide buttons bigger
  • Change details button to be bigger
  • Fix menu buttons to position when scrolling
  • Make update Home Screen
  • Change 5th in update to white
  • Bring Samuel Barton up on updates
  • Change question mark in search bar to my magnifying glass
  • Make all type on profile bigger

  • Triage scale
  • Distractions – “how to pass the time” patient/support, set up in 4 corners
  • Profile in left top corner, distraction changed from profile in bar, profile becomes a menu for settings etc. Solitaire, breathing, Gameboy icon –
  • Patient/support question at start?
  • Back button on messenger

Chat with Karl:

  • Keep doing what you’re doing
  • “5th” readability – check out Colour review
  • Don’t need names in mobile, could have icons arrow up 18 arrow down with colours.
  • What if you have a long as name? May need to change Samuel to a smaller typeface or something to help this issue

On my messaging slide on the mobile interface I want to be able to scroll up to see old messages.

Managed to work it out with the help of Youtube Tutorials (above) and this is the outcome (below).

Icons to add:

Further development:

Change Profile section at bottom to be a quick access to scan like on snapchat.

User Testing/ Further Changes:

  • Make type bigger for everything – especially type on triage urgent care page)
  • Messaging page – staff icons have no text maybe icon could be initials etc.
  • Change ‘Apple’ fonts to my font Poppins
  • Make notifications from staff when wait time is almost up
  • Make notification bigger – “Need help”
  • Add settings to profile page
  • Work out HOW I am going to educate people on the triage system without just informing through words
  • Get rid of names on updates page
  • Make an updates home page with 18^ 3down
  • Click on NFC icon to a more NFC friendly page with QR code icon in corner
  • Change lorem ipsum

Attempting different profile icons:

Trying queue without names:

Further Development:

5 Different sections of the interface – Home, FAQs, Updates, Messaging, Scanner with a Profile and setting section also








  • Might be a good idea to get rid of names in wait queue, numbers could be bigger
  • On messages change back button so it is compatible with XD
  • Add more messages on messaging
  • Bigger type on onboarding screens
  • Think about how this app looking thing connects with the web – QR codes open up web browsers

Latest Iteration:

  • Try changing 5 for triage scale on home page to in a circle so it looks like ones on queue and on display screen.

Further Development:

– add personal time of arrival
– bigger type on onboarding screens

For mobile web app I could have two versions – one version with scanner
Have the QR code go to app without scan in it

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