Week 11: Presentation video planning

  • This is Samuel, persona explanation
  • Person at reception desk
  • Someone scanning notify card on a scanner
  • Screen in corner 
  • Someone looking up at screen
  • Person at triage desk
  • Someone on a iPad checking out notify
  • Someone being educated on triage scale
  • Someone or phone looking at queue of wait time
  • Toilet door
  • Walking in toilet – able to know when you can go toilet
  • Someone walks into the waiting room and is triaged (how did triage affect place in line (wait time)
  • Someone immediately urgent comes in, they would not go through the system (have been educated on triage so understands why they go first)
  • Notified you become 5 mins away, Dr will see you shortly 
  • Walking into beds through door etc


  • Person at reception desk takes card, 
  • sits down fills out form with card
  • Person looks at notify screen
  • Scans qr code on card
  • Opens app with no QR code 
  • Looks at wait time 

Day in the life of an urgent care nurse practitioner

  • “Encounter is really short, they come with a problem, you treat the problem and they leave, they don’t come in for maintenance prescriptions. Fast-paced, in and out”
  • Usually a physician on site

Proposed Video Journey map:

I am going to ask if for presentation video I can include footage that is already on the web to use.


  • Poster with QR code to scan

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