Week 12: Last Class!

Questions with Tim

Questions to ask:

  1. iPad mockup or make prototype?
  2. Exposure will there be an iPad with a stand?
  3. QR code/NFC open to web, app looking vs hamburger menu
  4. Presentation – story of 2 personas in waiting room
  5. Do I need ethics forms for people I’m filming?
  6. If I use videos sourced from YouTube for my presentation video do I need to credit them in the actual video?


  1. Don’t need to make iPad interactive but mock it up to show!
  2. Considering I’m not make iPad prototype I won’t need a iPad and stand at exposure
  3. Progressive Web App – runs in browser but functions like an app
  4. Sounds good! As long as you cover the basis of what your system does through the 2 personas
  5. May as well yes if you have the opportunity
  6. Tim doesn’t know so ask someone else. Jason said if it’s not there then we won’t complain considering I’m not trying to pass the videos as my own or as my own work. Would be safe to just credit and footnote them in very small text.

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