Week 12: Andre Rants – Abstract Presentation

Design question leads to central proposition Proposal should show journey of this semester Write a good abstract you want to get feedback for 500 word count limit for abstract, no less than 250 approx Don’t have to share your screen, get them to download from google drive folder Have subheadings Figures (fig.1.) If you citeContinue reading “Week 12: Andre Rants – Abstract Presentation”

Week 11: Andre Rants – Abstract Workshop

Mural Workshop to develop Abstract: https://app.mural.co/t/wellingtonschoolofdesign8673/m/wellingtonschoolofdesign8673/1591150862865/a747b28809f9424ed198757743660cfdd647d4b5 Not an introduction Don’t need to reference in  Teaser the reader to keep reading – big facts Waiting rooms are already a stressful environment and don’t need to be more stressful Don’t go over 500 words Poster – iteration of last one, not just all research but also resultsContinue reading “Week 11: Andre Rants – Abstract Workshop”

Week 9: Andre Rants – About Colour

Fire Trucks – red turning more yellow at dusk and dawn Burns retinas Warning Makes you hungry Raises blood pressure Powerful Packaging – show how it is to be used Difference between spatial designBathroom and event door, how do you know what one is which? Applied research – get users to react Pituitary gland BeContinue reading “Week 9: Andre Rants – About Colour”

Andre Rants: On Friday’s Class

In Andre Rants this week I got feedback on my project. The Waiting Room of the future. Could look at the idea of Telemedicine, in this whole global pandemic we have accessed medication differently. Poking fun of the concept of the waiting room – a whole room of sick people made to spend potentially hoursContinue reading “Andre Rants: On Friday’s Class”

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