Week 10 Class: Practice Presentations

Don’t show the dead ends in the project No precedents Research – 2 minutes Will be standing, 3 people panel sitting down Include target audience Talk over videos, explain what is happening in the video or talk to it I need to ask Adelaide Rd urgent care if I could film in their space ReportContinue reading “Week 10 Class: Practice Presentations”

Week 9 Class: Value of Design

Grant Robertson – Minister of Finance, Sport & Recreation, and Arts, Culture & Heritage. http://designco.org.nz/value-of-design/the-value-of-design-to-new-zealand/ Exposure: – Screen with video showing project and how it works– Poster for panel/shelf For next Exposure form I need:– Real title– statement with 70 words Chat with Tim Yes it might be a good idea to design for aContinue reading “Week 9 Class: Value of Design”

Week 8 Class: Report Writing

PWC – Internships and Graduate positions talk to Ant VCD Design Research Studio Report – 1500 Words a useful document that tells the story of your project when you are not present core deliverable for 22.454 and 222.455 provides text-based content for Exposure and other presentations, Best Awards etc. Persuasively details your research through designContinue reading “Week 8 Class: Report Writing”

Week 8: The Big Idea discussed

_____ is utilised to perform queuing analysis at urgent care clinics with the aim of improving patient service, with particular reference to reducing the perceived queuing time and creating a transparency of information between healthcare staff and patients. The _____ card is a contactless electronic queue management card used to provide information to patients inContinue reading “Week 8: The Big Idea discussed”

Week 7 Class: Advisory Workshop – Framing the project

WORKSHOP: What am I doing? Position or frame my project (Jason + Karl, Tim) Name your project – make sure it’s current tense, like it already exists Keep it achievable Minimum viable project What do I have to do What is just a nice to do STOP putting off starting to design to do moreContinue reading “Week 7 Class: Advisory Workshop – Framing the project”

Week 7: Chat with Tim Turnidge

I had just written down “A specified audience is not relevant for my project because emergency care is available for all New Zealanders at all times.” I wrote this because Jason said if we don’t have a specific audience we need to justify it but when talking with Tim he said that I’m not focusingContinue reading “Week 7: Chat with Tim Turnidge”

Week 7 Class: Annette’s why Did I show you that?

Why did I show you that? – Annette O’Sullivan Tim Minchin Let’s execute, from I could to I am What was the issue? What do you do? (How are you addressing it?) What are the results? Inspire, Facilitate, Inform etc. Our lecturers are marking based on our brief There is a report – talks aboutContinue reading “Week 7 Class: Annette’s why Did I show you that?”

Week 6 Class: SuperCrit Feedback

I put out some paper and a pen out so peers could write feedback next to my work: Feedback from Karl – Bonnie Taylor Note taking Keep Triage #1 section – Assume anyone may not be aware of the levels of urgency – Think of new mum with new born baby, she may have noContinue reading “Week 6 Class: SuperCrit Feedback”

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