Week 11: Mobile Iterations

Made up a mockup of the current back of the notify card with QR code to make it look like it’s being using in the app to connect. Had been working quite mindlessly and hadn’t remembered I need to connect this touchpoint to the Notify card. So I started exploring QR code scanners and thenContinue reading “Week 11: Mobile Iterations”

Week 11: Exposure updated info

Title: Notify. 70 words: Waiting in ignorance creates a feeling of powerlessness, which frequently results in visible irritation and rudeness. Through human-centered design, Notify facilitates reassurancein the urgent care waiting room by creating transparency in communication between staff and patients. The system empathises with the user’s worry and resolves their uncertainty by making information accessibleContinue reading “Week 11: Exposure updated info”

Week 11: Presentation video planning

This is Samuel, persona explanation Person at reception desk Someone scanning notify card on a scanner Screen in corner  Someone looking up at screen Person at triage desk Someone on a iPad checking out notify Someone being educated on triage scale Someone or phone looking at queue of wait time Toilet door Walking in toiletContinue reading “Week 11: Presentation video planning”

Week 11: NHS Care Cards

https://service-manual.nhs.uk/design-system/components/care-cards#emergency-care-card-red-and-black Important to note: Care cards should be specific and include the information the user needs. Do not say: “Contact your GP if this happens.” Explain in the care card in what circumstances users should contact their GP. People with visual disabilities may not be able to recognise care cards by their colour. Use clearlyContinue reading “Week 11: NHS Care Cards”

Week 11: iPad stands/security

CT101Universal Tablet StandTablet power, security, and mobility for any environment. https://invue.com/tablet-solutions/products/ct101/ Easy rotation offers choice between portrait and landscape tablet orientations In-stand source removes need for messy cables and creates an uncluttered footprint Delivers instant mobility through the use of InVue’s OneKEY or CT Key Tested to withstand over 100lbs. of pull force Secure andContinue reading “Week 11: iPad stands/security”

Week 11: Second Questionnaire Feedback

Insights: Some people are able to understand my central proposition but some think the terminology is difficult to understand – I think it will be fine for my central proposition but in my presentation I need to make sure my information/project comes across as easy to understand for the general public who will be myContinue reading “Week 11: Second Questionnaire Feedback”

Week 11: Notify. Card iterations

Designing QR codes: Decided to move the QR code to the right so that it is easier to scan when holding the card with your left hand as most would use right hand to scan with phone. Card Precedents: What the card needs to do: Make it obvious that patients do not take the cardContinue reading “Week 11: Notify. Card iterations”

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