Week 13: Exposure Submission

Name: Georgia Brown Project: Notify. 70 Words:Waiting in ignorance creates a feeling of powerlessness, which frequently results in visible irritation and rudeness. Through human-centred design, Notify facilitates reassurance in the urgent care waiting room by creating transparency in communication between staff and patients. The system empathises with the patient’s worry and resolves their uncertainty byContinue reading “Week 13: Exposure Submission”

Week 13: Final Presentation

Waiting… it’s a common human experience. All people experience having to wait at some moment in their life – whether it’s for a flight, in the supermarket queue or hearing bad news. It’s not something as humans we love to do but waiting is a universal experience that everyone can describe in some personal way.Continue reading “Week 13: Final Presentation”

Week 13: Editing Presentation video

After looking through the footage of my video shoot I realised it would be hard to piece together my personas story because I missed a few shots on video that I was supposed to do on filming day. I would like to use my photographic mockups I have made in my presentation so I amContinue reading “Week 13: Editing Presentation video”

Week 13: Presentation script draft

What to include: When look back critically evaluating my work My design  Response – harness technologies Process user centered design How did that go? Or in hindsight I should have Actually, I pursued something quite generic, I turned the corner and decided to pursue… What are you trying to do How? Why? Reflect? Script AnContinue reading “Week 13: Presentation script draft”

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