Week 3 Class: Embrace Mess, Exposure, Tikanga toi

Embrace Mess: Experiments – Jason O’Hara Ted talk “How frustration can make us more creative” https://www.ted.com/talks/tim_harford_how_frustration_can_make_us_more_creative?language=en Make, Remake, Evolve The Oblique Strategies He creates disruption through this remarkable deck of cards called The Oblique Strategies. And when they’re stuck in the studio, they reach for one of the cards. He’ll draw one at random, and he’ll make the bandContinue reading “Week 3 Class: Embrace Mess, Exposure, Tikanga toi”

Week 3: Colours & Colour Psychology

Colour Hunt – Colour Palettes Orange and Blue are complementary colours and give a clean, informed but modern look. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It produces a calming effect – I do not want readers feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information they are overloaded with. Blue also symbolises trust, depth,Continue reading “Week 3: Colours & Colour Psychology”

Week 3: New Precedents

No surprises COVID has had many impacts on my project but there are multiple positive impacts that I did not expect. I have been able to find a range of precedents that inspire my thinking and idea development as during COVID, the healthcare system and services have been in the spotlight and many have hadContinue reading “Week 3: New Precedents”

Week 3: App Features

App in conjunction with a check in kiosk. App includes: Updates on beds, wait times for individuals (when wait time was last updated) and general wait time Messages from nurses Acknowledge button to let patients know they’re going to be seen Prescriptions Medication information Appointments Staff/Patient function Staff is able to adjust patient status PatientContinue reading “Week 3: App Features”

Week 3: Chat with Jason

Feedback with Jason: Introducing him to my project Keep it speculative, would be cool if, you don’t need to actually make it. Could be a video of a person interacting with your video – your “actor” could know what to press (buttons etc.) We will be marked according to our central proposition statement (but weContinue reading “Week 3: Chat with Jason”

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