Week 5: Whitiwhiti Kōrero (Presentation & Feedback)

Presentations: Habit zone – useful for apps Look at Haptic Design Your news bulletin https://yournewsbulletin.co.nz/ Open IDEO My Presentation Feedback: A guide could work well for healthcare professionals Do it! Spatial element 5 on one side, 1 on the other What do you want to get out of your last university project? What do youContinue reading “Week 5: Whitiwhiti Kōrero (Presentation & Feedback)”

Week 5 Class: Design Now – Typography Now

Why did I show you that? – Lee Jensen Judith ButlerNot about authenticity Design Now: Typography Now – Fay McAlpine Martin Venezky – Cranbrooke– Design Issues Magazine– Post modernism – hand expression Shiva Nallperumal– how arabic language can influence modern typography– Calcula Display Jonathon Hoefler– Inkwell, the next comic sans? Annik Troxier– Type as image– Jazz FestivalContinue reading “Week 5 Class: Design Now – Typography Now”

Week 5: Presentation Preparation

Rough Script – What to cover: My project looks at the waiting room of an urgent care healthcare provider much like the after hours care on Adelaide road. In New Zealand there are approximately 2.5 million urgent care patient consultations per year. It’s not the intense high-stress environment of the emergency department at the hospitalContinue reading “Week 5: Presentation Preparation”

Week 5: Zoom Meeting with Tama Kirikiri

What to talk to him about: Māori Health Professionals People that I could talk to Have any ideas on how I could incorporate Māori perspective into my project Tama Kirikiri’s Feedback: Project can include spatial elements “unforeseen” barriers – the space, what is physically seen but often not considered, do some research on the physicalityContinue reading “Week 5: Zoom Meeting with Tama Kirikiri”

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