Week 6 Class: SuperCrit Feedback

I put out some paper and a pen out so peers could write feedback next to my work: Feedback from Karl – Bonnie Taylor Note taking Keep Triage #1 section – Assume anyone may not be aware of the levels of urgency – Think of new mum with new born baby, she may have noContinue reading “Week 6 Class: SuperCrit Feedback”

Week 6: Waikato Hospital Triage Booklet that Nurses fill out

“So the first page is what the triage nurse fills out on initial presentation then the second page with check boxes is what we call a secondary assessment – as you can see a lot of the questions are yes/no super basic questions before we get into the physical assessment and the ‘story’ about whyContinue reading “Week 6: Waikato Hospital Triage Booklet that Nurses fill out”

Week 6: Mid Semester Breakdown AH

I need some clarity, I keep getting confused on what I want out of this project and what this project is actually trying to do. After talking with Hannah Mainwaring and Alicia Bidlake I’ve come to realise I’m trying to achieve a range of things. Who is my audience?– Patients triaged under categories 4 &Continue reading “Week 6: Mid Semester Breakdown AH”

Week 6: Reviewing ManageMyHealth App

ManageMyHealth, a great app used by many GP healthcares in New Zealand. It provides: Online services Freedom to manage your health needs and that of your family anytime, anywhere. Access and maintain your medical records Book appointments Request repeat prescriptions View latest lab results Enables a general practice to share patient medical information with afterContinue reading “Week 6: Reviewing ManageMyHealth App”

Week 6: Potential Names, Exposure Expression of Interest

Why Wait? has been my code name for this project for the last few months but it’s now time to start thinking about names as Exposure questions are now needing to be answered. Project Name brainstorm: Why Wait? A Waiting Room Experience Save the Wait StandBy Halt Pause Review the Expectation StayUpdated Queued Reassure ConnectContinue reading “Week 6: Potential Names, Exposure Expression of Interest”

Week 6: New Zealand DHBs

https://www.waitematadhb.govt.nz/assets/Documents/patients-visitors/ROI-Request-Consent-and-Information-Nov-2017.pdf https://www.cdhb.health.nz/wp-content/uploads/8ae1e609-release-of-health-information-form.pdf https://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/fms/Student%20services/Health%20and%20Counselling/Documents/Palmerston%20North/PHO%202015.pdf?002D069F8ADB5BF73C01C30744BD4BD5

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